FMW is equipped with the most modern CNC metalworking equipment in the industry. Advanced state-of-the-art CAD / CAM software provides us the ultimate in flexibility to communicate customer designs into finished products, assuring accurate tolerances and quality finishes.

Our CNC milling equipment is equipped to handle anything from a small prototype item up to 20 foot long structurals and extrusions. Heavy parts are not a problem with our traveling column bed mills.

Structural steel processing is easily handled through one of our two saw systems. Automatic shuttling provides extremely close cut tolerances on repetitive cuts.

FMW sheet and plate processing incorporates HD plasma / oxy fuel cutting, laser cutting and shearing and is complemented with forming up to 16 feet long, plate rolling to 10 ft wide and structural section rolling the toughest  sections the hard way.

We also provide the customer with finishing options per their requirement. Sand blasting, prime coating and top coating with enamel, epoxy or polyurethane finishes are easily handled in house. We also provide contract galvanizing, plating and powder coating through our network of reliable contractors.

Our employees are true artisans in their crafts consistently out performing customer expectations.

FMW can provide a complete one stop shop for all machine and fabrication requirements fulfilling customer demands on time every time.


Accurpress 400 Ton x 12 Ft. Press Brake with CNC Back Gauging ½ x 12 Ft

Accurshear ½ x 12 Ft. Hydraulic Power Shear with Digital Back Gauging

Marvel Series 81 Power Angling Band Saw (1) equipped with PLC shuttle system 18” x 20” capacity

Marvel Series 81 Power Angling Band Saw (1) equipped with auto gauging and 40 ft of power table 18” x 20” capacity

Cincinnati 230 FM II x 16 ft. Press Brake with Auto Crown and CNC Back Gauging

Mazak Optiplex 4Kw Laser with Dual 5 ft x 10 ft Shuttle Tables

Messer Titan HD Plasma/ Oxy Fuel Table 10 Ft x 20 Ft.  HD Plasma to 1 ½” Carbon

Chicago Power Box Brake 8 ft Capacity.

Gullco Power Beveller 1 ½” Plate Capacity.

Timesavers  Series 2200 Power Belt Sander 36” Capacity.

Faccin 3128 Plate Roll ¾” x 10 ft Capacity

Faccin RM 110 Section Roll 4” x ½” Angle Capacity

Lockformer Bead Roller

In House Spray Booth

SMAW, GMAW and GTAW Welding in Aluminum, Carbon, Stainless and Titanium Materials


LeBlond Regal 26” Swing x 288” Centers Lathe

LeBlond Regal 15” Swing x 60” Centers, DRO Equipped

LeBlond Regal 19” Swing x 60” Centers, DRO Equipped

Komo CNC Machining Center 120” x 32” x 32” Axis Cat 50 Taper

Unisign CNC Machining Center 240” x 21” x 16” Axis Cat 40 Taper

Haas VF-3 CNC Machining Center 40” x 20” x 20” Axis Cat 40 Taper

Haas VF-6 CNC Machining Center 64” x 32” x 30” Axis Cat 50 Taper

Haas VF-5 CNC Machining Center 60” x 26” x 25” Axis Cat 50 Taper

Leadwell LT25M 17" Swing x 25 1/2 Centers

HAAS ST-30Y 18" Swing x 23" Centers